So, what is it you do?

Little Critters Early Learning Center is built upon a strong foundation of excellence and attentiveness. Little Critters Early Learning Center is 100% dedicated to the advancement of your child. Little Critters Early Learning Center’s Administrator Teachers and staff strive to provide high quality, individualized education, in a fun, stimulating, nurturing environment.
Your child will develop physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally and intellectually with a strong emphasis on independence through our curriculum based program.  We offer a warm and caring environment where your child is able to learn cooperation, manners, and respect for others.  Each child is given the tools and opportunity to achieve their greatest potential.

Here at Little Critters Early Learning Center we invite our families to join us in the adventures of teaching and learning. Children have much to learn from us, yet we find that we are learning from them, every day.  Throughout the year Little Critters Early Learning Center host numerous activities for families and friends to partake in.  Every event has a purpose, to make sure that all children are engaged in activities that best support their different learning styles and family culture. Little Critters Early Learning Center attempt to make our environment a fun, loving place that involves the whole family.