6 Heart-Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Baked Blueberry & Banana-Nut Oatmeal Cups 

These delicious, savory oatmeal cups combine muffins with oatmeal. The nutty pecans and sweet blueberries and banana create a delicious snack or breakfast.

Pistachio & Peach Toast 

This breakfast is great when you have leftover ricotta cheese--plus it comes together in just 5 minutes. 

Apple with Cinnamon Almond Butter 

With a pinch of cinnamon, this healthy snack goes from basic to brilliant. 

Carrot & Banana Muffins 

Packed with flavorful and wholesome ingredients, these carrot-banana muffins make a good snack or breakfast. 

Cranberry-Almond Energy Balls 

Energy balls are ideal make-ahead snacks. Energy balls with cranberries, almonds, oats, and dates are made in minutes. Maple syrup and tahini keep everything together and add sweetness and bitterness.

Vegan Pumpkin Bread 

Flaxseed meal, which develops a gelatinous texture when mixed with water, replaces the eggs and provides structure to this moist, flavorful loaf. 

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