7 Tips to Lose Weight Faster After 40

Adding spice to your diet and weight reduction program gives diversity. The Nutrition Twins recommend adding spices and herbs to your home cooking to "spice up your metabolic fire."

Spice up meals literally.

Protein-packed snacks and items to add to meals are smart for weight reduction. Consider on-the-go solutions to avoid unhealthy lunches and treats at work.

Keep protein on hand.

Your body's digestive enzymes naturally decline with age, making it harder to break down carbs, protein, and fat and absorb the nutrients you need to keep your body working efficiently and metabolism humming.

Prioritize digestion.

Serve yourself green tea. The Nutrition Twins say, "Green tea is one of the few meals that helps the body burn more calories and fat due to its powerful catechin EGCG and caffeine.

Consume green tea.

"When you're not digesting and metabolizing food, you're not releasing insulin, which removes sugar from the blood and stops fat burning," The Nutrition Twins say. By eliminating snacking between meals, you'll help your body burn fat, which is especially crucial as you age.

Try fasting between meals.

Replace plastic water bottles and storage containers with stainless steel and glass. Why, you ask? The link between plastic packaging and weight reduction may surprise you!

Use water bottles and glass or stainless steel containers.

Spend a week measuring protein, carbohydrates, fats, and vegetables. Include sauces and dressings. Most individuals find themselves overdoing carbohydrates, eating many meals, and not getting enough of others.—Hello vegetables

Measure your portions.

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