7 Top Active Dog Breeds

Weimaraners are “friendly, fearless, and obedient,” so they may be a good fit for active lifestyles. This gentle dog is high-energy and may outrun you on a walk or run!


Rhodesian Ridgebacks are hyperactive dogs with golden hearts, not dragons from Harry Potter. One Reddit user says a Ridgeback lived in an active college student family and was liked by everyone and always up for exercise.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Beautiful Dobermans have silky, low-maintenance coats and remarkable obedience. This alert dog is a fantastic best buddy and tiny bodyguard because it is busy and protective. Young people who want to move or establish a family should consider dobermans because they're adaptable.

Pinscher Doberman

Are you looking for a curlier, fluffier active dog? Try a Portuguese Water Dog. Portuguese Water Dogs, the Obamas' favorite breed, are smart and love to follow you around. They are also easily "biddable," or trainable.

Portuguese Waterdogs

Due to their fussiness, Dalmatians are not recommended for first-time dog owners. A Dalmatian may be a devoted, active companion for a young dog owner if you spend a lot of time with it and socialize it with other dogs.


Kangal Shepherds are rare in the west, but if you can locate an ethical breeder, they're terrific dogs. Despite being larger dogs, they enjoy to play with their favorite people and have self-control. 

Kangal Shepherds

German Shorthaired Pointers are beautiful, lively, and robust dogs with strong legs. This faithful, biddable breed may outrun you, which you must determine whether to accept.

German Shorthairer

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