All Week, 3 Zodiac Signs Are Lucky in Love

Aries Aries, you'd like others to think you can handle 'all' areas, but you're more of a lover than a fighter. 

However, you can take care of yourself in that department, too, when push comes to shove. You're here for the love.

Leo While the week seems to go well for you, your 'Leo' nature makes you feel quite comfortable with your romantic partner and them with you.


This is a week where you not only feel comfortable and at ease with the person you love. You also feel enormous gratitude that such a fate would befall you.

Aquarius You and your romantic partner laugh a lot as you feel like you're sharing a private joke that's so funny and private that you're lucky to share it. 

Yes, you are majorly lucky when it comes to love. So much of that recognition comes to you via the transits of Mercury conjunct Neptune and Venus.