Never Eat This One Type Of Soup If You Want To Lose Weight

Soups are varied and popular worldwide. They have a centuries-old culinary history and a diverse range of tastes, ingredients, and cooking methods. 

Soups are a healthful and soothing dinner, but some are heavy in salt, which can cause weight gain. When ingested in excess, sodium can cause water retention, high blood pressure, and weight gain.

We asked Mary Sabat, MS, RDN, LD, which soup we should avoid owing to its salt level and weight loss consequences. Sabat advised limiting canned and processed soups.

Canned soups are convenient, but they are heavy in salt. Manufacturers often salt these items excessively to increase shelf life and taste. Regular consumption of such soups might increase salt intake, causing water retention and high blood pressure.

Canned and Processed Soups

"High salt consumption increases blood pressure and water retention, which might cause heart and health complications. Ingesting too much salt makes you thirsty, increasing fluid intake. Drinking sugary or high-calorie drinks to quench thirst might cause weight gain.

Canned and processed soups can be high in sodium, so those watching their weight should avoid them. A healthy option is homemade soup with regulated salt levels.

"Make handmade soups with fresh vegetables, lean meats, and low-sodium broths or spices. This lets you choose ingredients and cut salt. Broth-based soups with lots of vegetables and lean meats are also good for weight loss and salt control."

When buying canned or processed soups, watch portion amounts and read labels. Select low-sodium foods wherever feasible. A balanced diet and moderation are key to weight management and salt management.

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