Starbucks quietly removed this popular and healthy menu item.

Starbucks has removed plain, fresh yellow bananas from its menu, which may disappoint health-conscious customers. These fruits were previously sold near the pastry display or cash station for $1 or $1.50 each. What we know:

Starbucks quietly removed bananas from menus Starbucks has not announced the removal of this item, leaving banana lovers in the cold. The coffee chain's representative said fresh and frozen bananas were removed from the menu in May 2022 after a menu evaluation.

An employee told The Takeout that "after evaluating the menu," banans were deleted. Most likely, the fruit was discontinued since it didn't sell well.

One self-proclaimed Starbucks employee commented on Reddit in 2021 that their store would "get 24 [bananas brought in to the store], sell 1 or 2, throw out the rest when they get gross, and then repeat."

Starbucks' customers mostly ignored the news, although Eat This, Not That stated that a few complained. One Reddit user remarked, "Nooo I always loved the green tea frap plus banana it's so much better," while another said, "my store doesn't even have them now."

Nearer scrutiny shows that Starbucks' website does not list bananas. The "Sweets & Snacks" section has banana-based options such the Peter Rabbit Organics Strawberry Banana.

A pouch with a cute rabbit image holds "USDA organic banana-strawberry puree with a hint of lemon juice." In "convenient, squeezable, resealable" packaging, the snack has 80 calories, 17 grams of sugar, and no fat.

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