The #1 Daily Walking Workout for Fit Women

This is your warm-up, so stimulate muscles and raise heart rate. Think of it as preparing for the workout. A five-minute walk at a leisurely pace should work. Three sets of 10 bodyweight squats and 10 dumbbell overhead shoulder presses follow.

Set 1: Level 2 Walk (Warmup)

Time to accelerate. Level 3 is a brisk stroll where you can converse but focus on your breath. Hold for seven minutes. Your pulse rate should be higher now, preparing your body for what's next.

Set 2: Level 3 Walk

Level 4 is walking as fast as possible without jogging. Do this for seven more minutes. It's healthy to be out of breath—it signifies you're working hard.

Set 3: Level 4 Walk

Turn down to Level 3 for seven minutes. Your body's "reset" period. You're moving fast but letting your heart rate rest. Be careful not to relax. One set of 20 dumbbell thrusters involves a squat into a shoulder press.

Set 4: Level 3 Walk

Back to Level 4. Another seven minutes at your fastest stroll. Now in the home stretch, your body is engaged. If you're not challenged, press harder. Do three sets of 10 reverse alternate lunges each leg and 10 pushups at Home Base.

Set 5: Level 4 Walk

Final Level 3 round for seven minutes. You should be sweating and high on endorphins. Make the most of your last "reset" before cooling down. Three sets of five single-leg RDLs per leg, then 10 upright rows with dumbbells or kettlebells for extra challenge.

Set 6: Level 3 Walk

A five-minute Level 2 walk will calm you off. Back where you started, but your body has changed. Your muscles have fired, calories have burned, and you've literally started shaping your fittest physique. Back yourself up.

Set 7: Level 2 Walk (Cool-Down)

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