This Simple Hack Will Keep Your Orchid Alive Longer

One simple hack to keep your orchid alive longer is to water it with ice cubes.

Orchids are sensitive to overwatering, and using ice cubes provides a controlled release of water, preventing the roots from becoming waterlogged.

To apply this hack, place one or two ice cubes on the surface of the orchid's potting medium or in the saucer beneath the pot.

Allow the ice to melt slowly, providing a gradual and measured amount of water to the plant.

This method mimics the orchid's natural watering conditions, where they receive moisture from dew or raindrops in their native environments.

Additionally, watering with ice cubes helps prevent damage to the orchid's delicate roots, as pouring water directly onto them can lead to rot or disease.

By using this simple yet effective technique, you can help your orchid thrive and enjoy its beautiful blooms for longer periods.

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