Top 5 Daily Workouts for Women Over 50 to Lose Weight

Squats using only one's body weight are a great exercise for women over 50 since they assist increase balance, strengthen the lower body, and aid in fat loss. They are a powerful compound movement because they use several muscular groups.

Body-weight squats

The plank is the next exercise on our list of daily exercises for women over 50 to reduce weight. By involving the complete body, this exercise helps with weight loss, posture improvement, and strengthening of the core muscles. The danger of injury is decreased because to total stability and a strong core.


Lunges while walking work the glutes and legs while enhancing balance and coordination. Additionally increasing heart rate, this workout helps burn calories.

Walking Lunges

Bent-over rows help with posture by focusing on the upper back. They also work the shoulders and arms, supporting weight loss and toning those areas.

Bent-Over Rows

The step-up is the last activity on our list of daily workouts for women over 50 to lose weight. Step-ups increase the endurance and strength of the lower body. Additionally, they raise heart rate, aiding in weight loss and improving balance.


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