Top 6 Walking Workouts for Losing Weight

Walking in "intervals" of varying lengths and intensities is known as interval training. The layout of this exercise is ideal for anyone who wants to "maximize their time," according to Isaac Robertson, co-founder of Total Shape. It can be performed either outside or on a treadmill.

Interval walking

The 12-3-30 workout is a treadmill-based workout where you set the incline to 12 and walk at a speed of three miles per hour for 30 minutes," warning you that some treadmills don't go up to 12, which is a steep incline level.


Walking up hills is a fantastic method to get outside and introduce inclines, and according to MacPherson, this exercise is also a good choice if you want to simultaneously increase your strength and cardiac capabilities.


In addition, Lovitt suggests steady-state walking, which you might want to begin with if you've never worked out before or if you want to exercise without worrying too much about it. You're keeping the same general pace throughout this walk, starting slowly to warm up and including a cool-down phase.

Steady-state walking

Hiking is an excellent way to walk and reduce weight, much like hill walking. This is done in nature, outside, on various trails with hills, which would make the exercise more challenging.


According to Viteri, those with a restricted amount of time or space can still walk to lose weight by walking in place. This walking workout may be done anywhere, including your living room or patio. It doesn't need a lot of area.

Fast walking in place

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