4 Fat Yoga Influencers Fighting Fatphobia on the Mat

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Yoga, an ancient practice originating from India, has surged in popularity worldwide for its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

However, despite its inclusive philosophy, the yoga community has grappled with issues of body shaming and fatphobia.


Traditionally, yoga has been portrayed as a practice for the slim and flexible, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and excluding individuals of diverse body types.

In recent years, a movement has emerged within the yoga community to challenge these norms and promote body positivity and inclusivity.


Fat yoga influencers have played a crucial role in this movement, using their platforms to dismantle stereotypes and create spaces where individuals of all sizes feel welcomed and empowered on the mat.

Here, we highlight four remarkable fat yoga influencers who are actively fighting fatphobia in the yoga world.


Jessamyn Stanley:

Embracing Yoga for All Bodies

Jessamyn Stanley is a trailblazing figure in the world of yoga, known for her unapologetic advocacy for body positivity and self-acceptance.

As a self-described “fat, black, queer femme,” Stanley challenges the narrow beauty standards prevalent in the yoga industry and encourages individuals to embrace their bodies exactly as they are.


Through her social media presence, including her popular Instagram account and YouTube channel, Stanley shares her journey as a plus-size yoga practitioner, offering empowering messages and practical tips for people of all sizes.

She emphasizes the importance of modifying poses to suit individual bodies and rejecting the notion that yoga is only for the thin and flexible.


Stanley’s bestselling book, “Every Body Yoga,” has become a manifesto for body acceptance in the yoga community, inspiring countless individuals to reclaim their practice without fear or shame.

Through her workshops, retreats, and online classes, she continues to challenge fatphobia and create inclusive spaces where everyone feels welcome on the mat.


Dianne Bondy:

Redefining Yoga for Diverse Bodies

Dianne Bondy is a celebrated yoga teacher, author, and social justice activist who has dedicated her career to making yoga accessible to people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.

As a plus-size woman of color, Bondy has faced discrimination and exclusion within the yoga community, driving her passion for promoting diversity and inclusivity.


Through her online platform and teaching engagements, Bondy advocates for a more inclusive approach to yoga that celebrates diversity and challenges stereotypes.

She emphasizes the importance of creating adaptive practices that accommodate different body types and encourages students to listen to their bodies rather than striving for unattainable ideals.


Bondy’s work extends beyond the yoga mat, as she actively addresses issues of social justice and equity within the wellness industry.

She advocates for representation and diversity in yoga media and challenges institutions to prioritize inclusivity in their programming and outreach efforts.


Amber Karnes:

Empowering Curvy Yogis

Amber Karnes is a yoga teacher, writer, and founder of Body Positive Yoga, an online platform dedicated to promoting body acceptance and self-love through yoga.

As a plus-size woman with a background in social work, Karnes brings a unique perspective to her teaching, emphasizing the intersectionality of body positivity and social justice.


Through her accessible online classes, workshops, and retreats, Karnes empowers curvy yogis to embrace their bodies and cultivate a positive relationship with movement.

She provides modifications and variations to traditional yoga poses, ensuring that students of all sizes feel supported and empowered in their practice.


Karnes also addresses the systemic barriers that prevent marginalized communities from accessing yoga and wellness resources, advocating for greater inclusivity and accessibility within the industry.

Through her activism and advocacy work, she continues to challenge fatphobia and create spaces where everyone feels valued and respected.


Valerie Sagun:

Spreading Joy and Self-Love

Valerie Sagun, also known as “Big Gal Yoga,” is a yoga practitioner and social media influencer known for her vibrant personality and uplifting message of self-love and body positivity.

Through her colorful Instagram feed and engaging online presence, Sagun inspires thousands of followers to embrace their bodies and find joy in movement.


Sagun’s approach to yoga is playful and inclusive, emphasizing self-expression and individuality over perfectionism and competition.

She encourages her followers to celebrate their bodies’ capabilities and explore movement in a way that feels authentic and empowering.


In addition to her social media presence, Sagun hosts workshops, retreats, and online classes, providing accessible opportunities for individuals of all sizes to experience the benefits of yoga.

She creates a supportive community where participants can connect with others who share their journey toward self-acceptance and body positivity.



Fat yoga influencers are making significant strides in challenging fatphobia and promoting inclusivity within the yoga community.

Through their advocacy, teaching, and activism, these trailblazing individuals are creating spaces where people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds feel welcomed and empowered on the mat.


As the movement for body positivity continues to grow, their voices serve as powerful reminders that yoga is for every body.


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